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Album: Live 12/3/11 (2011)

Song: Chazzer (live)

Bitrate: 96kbps

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Formed in Spring 2010, Gavel set out with a few carefully crafted and brutally punishing songs that made a strong statement. Not much was heard afterwards but the buzz about this immensely powerful little secret out of North Jersey continued as the group cautiously restructured itself.
The beginning of 2011 brought a new energy as the band finished a 4 song sampler (or STATEMENT) to provide "the people" with a little something you can use as the soundtrack to either smash your favortie politician in the face with a sledgehammer (perhaps a gavel more appropriately...LOL) or put your knuckles through the windshield while stuck in traffic.
The resume includes an interesting list of local underground "movers" from the metal and hardcore scenes (depending who you hear it from, "legends" might be used instead...-LOL) including NJ Bloodline, N.J.D.O.T.S., Deterriorot, Cyberchrist, Hoods, Hell Brigade, among a few others.
Either way Gavel has it's own distinct style, energy, and approach.
Right now the focus is to bring the live performance and energy that only their live set can eminate to everyone everywhere possible.
For bookings:

Johnny D. - Guitar
Ruben - Bass
Jansson - Drums
Steve - Guitar
Wreak - Vocals